Never Summer Nordic Rules & Regulations



  • Smoking is prohibited inside the yurts. Please pack out your cigarette butts - NOT on the ground or in the ash can!

  • Limit your group size to the hut capacity. There is NO CAMPING permitted, in order to provide undisturbed snow.

  • Snow Caves are prohibited within 100 feet of any yurt or outhouse for safety and sanitation reasons.

  • DOGS ARE NOW ALLOWED AT THE HUTS/YURTS IN THE WINTER for a pet fee per stay per pet fee.



  • Please use the outhouse at all times, be considerate of others who will rent after you.

  • Gather your snow for water away from the hut, in an undisturbed area. It is recommended to purify by boiling.

  • PACK OUT ALL OF YOUR TRASH. Do not throw trash in the outhouse, and do not use the ash can either!



  • CHECK IN: 1p MST or after, direct at yurt (no formal physical check in), make sure to have confirmation email with yurt combination codes. This was emailed to you upon booking. If you do have or cannot find, email to request it. You will have to show proof of name on booking.

  • Shovel the deck, stairs, a path to the outhouse, a path to get wood from under the yurt or from the woodshed, and clear the propane access. Some yurts have propane under the deck, some have it on the deck.

  • PLEASE chop your wood on a block OUTSIDE ON THE GROUND, not on the deck, and please—not inside the hut.



  • Wash and put away all dishes. Hang wet dishtowels on clothesline, not cabinets.

  • Make sure the wood stove is out - if ash in the stove is HOT, LEAVE IT IN THE STOVE, clean out the ash when it is COOL.

  • Be kind - RESTOCK THE WOOD BIN with split wood and very small kindling. This is very important so the next group can get a fire going. If NSN staff have to do this, the group leader may be charged for their time!

  • Sweep the floor!

  • Shut off the propane stove and light, and make sure the bulk tank is closed.

  • You are responsible for packing out EVERYTHING that you brought with you. Never leave extra food behind - The group leader will be charged a cleaning fee for packing out items left behind.

  • Close the windows and be sure the door is locked when you leave!

  • CHECK OUT: 11a MST or before. Lock up yurt and pack out. Thank you for staying. Please check out our SHOP for fun Never Summer Nordic products and memorabilia.


Cancellations or Changing Your Reservation:

There are NO REFUNDS. Cancellations made at least three weeks prior to your trip are eligible for a 75% credit towards another trip, which must be used within one year of your original booking or they will expire. There is a $25 change fee for changes in yurt/dates made more than 3 weeks in advance and are eligible for a 100% credit.  Any booking received on sale rate is not eligible for the aforementioned and are subject to stated restrictions of that sale including including rates changes.  Credits are permitted to future stays only, no refund value. 

There are NO CANCELLATION CREDITS DUE TO WEATHER OR ROAD CONDITIONS OR NATURAL DISASTERS. If the State Patrol closes Hwy 14 the day of your trip, there are several alternate routes to take. From Fort Collins take Hwy 287 to Laramie, then Hwy 230 to Walden, then Hwy 14 east to the State Park. From Denver, go up Hwy 40 through Granby and Hwy 125 to Walden, then Hwy 14 east to the State Park. Please call the Colorado Highway Patrol for information on road conditions, or check our website link to CDOT.


Rental Pricing:

Reservation pricing are determined and valued for the current year.  Prices for future stays may be higher due to market rate changes.


Please see Pet Page (on top menu bar) for policy and regulations. 

Do Not Underestimate The Seriousness Of A Winter Overnight Trip!!

Our huts are remote, backcountry shelters and there is little chance of getting messages to you. Inform someone at home of your plans and itinerary and in the event of an emergency, have them try calling the Colorado State Forest at 970-723-8366, or call the Jackson County Sheriff. Call the Colorado Avalanche Information Center for updated mountain and avalanche conditions: Denver/Boulder 303-236-9435, Fort Collins 970-482-0457, or check our website link to the Avalanche Center.

Getting messages to those staying here is extremely difficult we have to ski in to do so. Be prepared, our closest hospital is 80 miles away.

If you have any questions or concerns after reading this please contact us:
247 Jackson County Rd 41, Walden, CO 80480 (970) 723.4070
Website: e-mail:
Manager - Bron Austin Deal
Cell: (405) 213.5853 e-mail:

Waiver of Liability


This is a release of liability and waiver of rights

As group leader and in consideration for being permitted by Never Summer Nordic Inc. to use the Never Summer Nordic Inc. Hut System, I agree to the following waiver and release:

I acknowledge that skiing and wilderness travel have inherent risks, hazards and dangers for any person that cannot be eliminated, particularly in a backcountry environment in mountainous terrain.

I understand that these risks, hazards and dangers include, but are not limited to:

  1. Risks arising from skiing in areas that are not patrolled, where snow conditions are unpredictable and changing, where objects are not marked and hazards may not be visible, where slopes are not groomed, maintained or controlled, where weather is changeable and unpredictable and where avalanches occur.

  2. Risks involved in decision making and route finding in a backcountry environment in mountainous terrain and risks of getting lost and not reaching the hut.

  3. Such other risks, hazards and dangers that are integral to the sport of skiing and back- country travel in mountainous terrain.

As a group leader, I acknowledge that I am personally responsible for sharing all information with my group concerning Never Summer Nordic Inc. and Colorado State Park Regulations. As a group leader, I acknowledge that I am financially responsible for damages or problems arising from the use of the Never Summer Nordic Inc. Hut System.

  1. Dogs are now allowed in the area of the yurts/cabins year round for a per pet per stay fee.

  2. By leaving trash, intentionally being destructive the hut in any way, or leaving the hut unclean for the next guests; I acknowledge that I may be charged a cleaning fee.

  3. Camping and Campfires are prohibited in the area of the yurts/cabins. Group size is strictly limited to the hut capacity.

  4. Check In is 1:00 pm and Check Out is 11:00 am. I acknowledge that I may be charged for an additional night and cleaning fee if I stay beyond the check out time.

  5. The building of snow caves is strictly prohibited in the area of the yurts. The safety of the guests in the spring snow melt is of great concern and that snow is needed for drinking water.

I acknowledge that if for any reason, medical or otherwise, I cannot go on the trip I have paid for and it is less than 21 days before my trip date, I am ineligible to receive the 75% credit. I also acknowledge that I cannot receive cancellation credits for weather, insects etc. over which Never Summer Nordic Inc. has no control.

Lastly, I, for myself, my heirs, my successors and executors hereby knowingly and intentionally waive and release, indemnify and hold harmless Never Summer Nordic Inc. their directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers from and against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, suits, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) and NEGLIGENCE of any kind or nature, whether foreseen or unforeseen, arising directly or indirectly out of any damage, loss, injury, or death to me or my property as a result of the Never Summer Nordic Inc. Hut System and the use of their information services.