Upper & Lower Montgomery Pass

The Montgomery Pass Yurts are located about halfway up the west side of Montgomery Pass, which opens up a whole new area to explore for intermediate and advanced skiers. Hikers and mountain bikers will also enjoy the access to the Medicine Bow Peaks - just three miles to Montgomery Pass from the yurts! The two yurts share a large clearing, but are separated by a stand of trees. Although each yurt is rented individually, it's a great site for larger groups - or a chance to meet new folks!

***Please note that the access road from County Road 41/Bockman Rd to the yurts is opened/closed due to weather accessibility, by the Parks. There is not a set day for this to occur. Refunds WILL NOT be given for bookings in transition seasons. Just because it is driveable in October/November and again in May/June does not mean the summer access road will be open. PLEASE CHECK THE RESOURCES PAGE FOR SUMMER ACCESS ROAD OPEN/CLOSURES.***

Lower Montgomery Pass Yurt

This yurt features breathtaking views of the Medicine Bow and the Never Summer mountain ranges from the front deck. Diamond Peak, Nokhu Crags, Mt. Richtoffen and Seven Utes form the backdrop for your skiing, mountain biking or hiking adventure.

Upper Montgomery Pass Yurt

Upper Montgomery Pass Yurt features sunsets over the Zirkels with the Medicine Bow mountains at your elbow - what a way to end the day! Clark Peak is so close you can almost touch it, and the North Park Basin stretches out far below you. There is challenging ski terrain in all directions, and the bike ride back down is a fun one!!

  • PLEASE check the weather and road conditions on the resources page for the most up to date information before your stay.

  • Pets are permitted at all Never Summer Yurts year round with signed pet policy and $10/pet/stay.

  • Each Sleep 5: Singles (3), Doubles (1) - Two additional floor pads are provided (if people sleeping on floor, the yurt is very crowded).

  • Both Include: Mattresses and pillows, chopped firewood (limited in summer), propane, propane light, propane cooktop, wood burning stove, snow melt pot, all kitchen pots and pans, all kitchenware, limited paper towels, limited toilet paper, limited matches and newspaper, limited dish soap and sponges, kitchen towels, snow shovel, maul and axe, coffee percolator, fire extinguisher, outdoor charcoal grill (charcoal not included), outside food storage box, table and chairs, outhouse, and yurt journal.  Click to open winter/summer pack lists below.

  • YOU are responsible for bedding*, food, and water (in winter, use snow melt). *bedding may be rented from us at $25/stay.

  • We are a backcountry RUSTIC setting lodging company and concessionaire of Colorado Parks & Wildlife.  Daily Parks Pass required.

  • NONE of our units have running water OR electricity; Our friends at the Hilton Fort Collins do.  All units are equipped with outhouses.


Upper Montgomery Pass Yurt
Upper Montgomery Pass Yurt
Lower Montgomery Pass Yurt
Inside Upper
View from Upper
View from Lower
View from Lower
Inside Lower
Inside Lower
WINTER trips to Montgomery pass Yurts

Winter Access: 2.8 miles (See ***note*** above)
Winter Trailhead: Jackson County Road 41, 5 miles from the main park entrance on the right side of CR 41 at the sign for the Bockman Campground Road.

Elevation: 9,600'
Elevation Gain/Loss: +853'/-193'
Difficulty: Intermediate
Avalanche Danger: None
Use Levels: Upper trail to yurt mainly used by yurt customers; Heavy weekend snowmobile use on the Bockman Road.

Water: Snow melt (reason pets are not allowed in winter), specified pot included in yurt.  Boil for 4-5 minutes before drinking.


SUMMER trips to Montgomery Pass Yurts

Summer Access: 4WD Vehicle access or 1.1 mile hike from 2WD access

Summer Trailhead: Jackson County Road 41, 4.5 miles from the main park entrance on right side of CR 41. (See ***note*** above)

GPS Coordinates Upper Pass Yurt: 40 33'20.29"N; 105 57'00.88"W

GPS Coordinates Lower Pass Yurt: 40 33'18.81"N; 105 57'01.19"W

Elevation: 9,600'

Difficulty: Novice; The 4WD road above the yurts is very steep and difficult.

Summer Trail Use: 4WD Vehicles (high clearance), Hike, Horse, Bike Trail Use Levels: Heavy weekend use

Water: Pack in water, Potable water station at the Reservoir on County Road 41. 



Montgomery Pass: From the yurts it is about 3.5 miles to the top of the ridge. This trail will bring you out on the ridge about a half mile north of the actual Montgomery Pass. In the summer, brave souls with 4WD or mountain bikes can get to within about a quarter mile of the ridge (Bicycles are NOT permitted above treeline). Be aware that this road is extremely steep and rutted - experienced riders and drivers only!

In the winter, it is possible to loop over to the next drainage north to get in some turns and then ski down the drainage to reconnect with the Montgomery Pass Road above the yurts. There is significant avalanche danger in this area!


Hut to Hut Trips
Ruby Jewel Yurt: It is about 3.5 miles over to the Ruby Jewel Yurt via the "Cow Trail". The Cow Trail is a scenic trail that takes off from the Montgomery Pass Trail about a quarter mile above the yurts and follows the 9600' contour line over to the Ruby Jewel Trail just below the Ruby Jewel Yurt. There are two nice meadows close to the Montgomery Pass Trail that make good practice runs for tele turns.

Grass Creek Yurt: This is a fairly easy 3 mile trip. The connecting trail leaves the Montgomery Trail near the Bockman Campground and runs parallel to the county road over to the North Michigan Reservoir.

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