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North fork Canadian Yurt offers a great-secluded spot with an abundance of wildlife at your fingertips. State regulated hunting is allowed in the State Forest State Park. Please click on the brochure below for specific hunting guidelines.

Hunting Guide:
Snowmobiling is only allowed to the Upper and Lower Montgomery Pass Yurts. Please do not park snowmobiles in close proximity to the yurt. Close to the Montgomery Pass Yurts is Bockman Road, a groomed snowmobile route. Snowmobiling is limited to specific trails within the State Park. Please click on the link below to see snowmobiling areas.
Hiking, Cross Country & Snowshoeing
All of our yurts are great for adventures by foot. Each one offers a unique experience. Many trails in the State Forest State Park are former logging roads. Terrain can range from easy nature trails to challenging climbs. You can views maps of trails on our location page.

Ruby Jewel, Clark Peak, Agnes Creek Hut, Nohku Hut, Grass Creek, North Fork, and the Montgomery Pass yurts have great backcountry skiing and snowboarding. The State Forest has an overwhelming amount of bowls and ridges.
Horseback Riding
All yurts offer great horse backing except Agnes Creek and Nohku Hut. Most trails, below tree line, and all motorized trails are open to horses and llamas. Horses and llamas are not permitted on the Lake Agnes Trail or close up to the yurts.
Mountain Biking
All yurts offer great mountain biking except the Agnes Creek and Nohku Hut. Most single-track trails below tree line and all motorized trails are open to mountain bikes. Bikes are not permitted above tree line, on the Lake Agnes Trail, or beyond the motorized closure on the Jewel Lake Road. You can view maps of trails on our location page.
If you feel up to a challenge stay at our Clark Peak and Ruby Jewel yurts and climb towering ridges up to Clark Peak and look down on all of Colorado. Agnes Creek and Nohku Hut lie directly below many technical climbs such as the Nohku Crags, Mt. Richtofen, Mt. Mahler, and Seven Utes Mountain. There is high avalanche danger around every corner. Fatalities can be a yearly occurrence in the State Forest State Park. Know your limits and never put yourself in any situation you can't get out of.
Streams and lakes around Agnes Creek, Nohku Hut, Grass Creek, and North Fork Canadian Yurt offer excellent fishing. It is legal to catch brook, brown, cutthroat, rainbow, and golden trout. A valid state fishing license is required. State regulations apply to all fishing. All alpine lakes are limited to artificial flies and lures and a bag limit of two fish.
Moose Watching
The area of North Park boasts a high number of moose year round. Neighboring Walden is known as the Moose capital of Colorado. Sixty percent of all moose in Colorado reside within the State Forest State park. Chances are that you will see or interact with one of the 600 moose while staying at our yurts. Moose are very territorial and will come very close to the yurts. Please remember that though beautiful they are wild animals and attack when threatened. Respect your surroundings.
Wood Stacking
If you are looking for something to do while staying at the yurts, we offer seasonal wood stacking at the yurts. We often do this for trade for a complimentary stay at our yurts.
Never Summer Nordic Backcountry Store with Rentals and office. Daily Kayak and e-bike rentals. Firewood, ICE, snacks, and gifts!
Pets are allowed at Never Summer Nordic for a $10/pet/stay fee and signed Pet Policy waiver in office upon arrival.
Liquor Beer Wine
In the back of the store we now sell LIQUOR BEER AND WINE!
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Liquor Beer Wine

In the back of the store we now sell LIQUOR BEER AND WINE!