Leave your tent at home.

A yurt is a circular tent type structure. Yurts were designed by Mongolian herders as a necessity to keep up with their herd’s rapid movements. Evidence of yurts have been found from the fourth century B.C. in Mongolia and is still used by nomadic tribes in Central Asia. “Yurt” is actually Russian for dwelling. Mongolians know yurt’s by the word “Ger”, or home. Nomads prefer yurts because they are lightweight, can be easily taken down or set up, and can stand up against some of natures roughest elements. A yurt once survived a tornado in Japan while it’s neighbors in houses were not so lucky. It is typical for a yurt to withstand temperatures of negative fifty degrees Celsius with minimal heating. The design of the Yurt offer’s great heat distribution throughout the entire area.

There are many cultures in Central Asia that live in yurts with making minimal design changes. A Yurt in Turkey is going to look very similar to a Yurt in Siberia. Modern day hikers have adopted the design for many the same reasons as the Nomad’s in Central Asia. Since the sixties yurts have been popping up all over the United States. Popularity rises each year because of the growing outdoor community and inexpensive construction cost.

Leave your tent at home and come experience living the way ancient nomads did in the jewel of Colorado’s back country.

Company History

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Never Summer Nordic is a family owned and operated business by Greg Graves, Kyle Graves and Anne Graves. Cousin Bron Austin Deal runs Operations and Customer Engagement.

Greg has owned the company since 2002. You can catch him catting his 1980 Tucker Snowcat, with his residence dogs, visiting with guests.

Kyle is an avid fisherman and a scratch golfer. If you catch him working or shooting photos around the yurts he will tell you where the best fishing spots are.

Anne is an movie buff, Queen of movie quotes, and has been an owner of the business since 2002.

Bron resides in warm Dallas, TX with frequent trips to and from Never Summer Nordic.